How to clean athletic shoes

How to clean athletic shoes

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After purchasing a suitable pair of sports shoes, you must want to know how to protect and prolong their service life. If you have a couple of pairs for basketball, running, casual walk, and standing all day, you should definitely have a pair of perfect and cleaned shoes. By stepping on clean shoes and Wearing, it will help you win the games and keep up with the street trend. Proper maintenance and hand wash cleaning required to achieve high performance in sports and daily work. By cleaning your shoes, it can reduce the smell. You can feel fresh whenever you wear it. However, if you want to know How to clean athletic shoes, there are many different methods according to the material. Here we share some authentic ways to clean your sports shoes without damaging their content and functionality. You need to be careful before cleaning, first see your shoe manufacturer instructions. Washing machine cleaning is never recommended. A proper and safe cleaning way is hand wash. It can maintain the formation of shoes and protect your investment.

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How to clean shoes:

In terms of cleaning. There should be different methods for different materials.

How to clean athletic shoes
How to clean athletic shoes

Clean with the brush:

Before washing your shoes, remove dirt from the outsole, midsole, and upper by using any kind of dry brush. You can use an old toothbrush. Gently brush with a soft toothbrush, Rub brush, and clean dirt.

It is better to spray a layer of the waterproof protective film before wearing it for the first time.

How to clean athletic shoes
How to clean athletic shoes

Use the solution:

You can make this cleaning solution at home. Take any kind of detergent mix with warm water. Apply this solution with a soft brush or sponge all over the shoe. Scrubbing around upper, outsole midsole and tongue. But the brushing time should not be too long. , minimizing the time because chemicals can erode the shoes.

How to clean athletic shoes
How to clean athletic shoes

Use a wet sponge:

After detergent solution scrubbing and removing stains, use a fresh damp soft sponge and rub all over the shoe to remove all excess soap solution.

How to clean athletic shoes
How to clean athletic shoes


 Wipe off the remaining water with a dry rag immediately after cleaning. If the air-Cushion is visible on the cleaned shoes, first wipe the water around the air-cushion after the above process is completed, so as not to cause some water for a long time, and decomposed glue causes the glue to open. When the shoe is dry, shoe support will help the shoe return to its original shape; or tuck the newspaper in the boot. Papers have a double benefit, not only can help restore a unique way, but they also can quickly absorb the water in the shoes.

How to clean athletic shoes

Clean outsole

If possible, use a toothpick to remove the small stones that are caught in the soles during walking, because the long-term clamping of external objects will deform the soles and Affect the braking performance of the shoe to a certain extent.

How to clean athletic shoes

Air dry:

Remember not to put under the hot sun after washing shoes, because direct sunlight will

Increase faster sneakers materials aging cracking, discoloration deformation of the body

Of the shoe. And don’t put in the drier either. Dry at the natural room temperature.

How to clean athletic shoes

Cleaning laces:

Remember when cleaning first, take out the insole shoes, with laces should be pulled out and cleaned separately. You can clean it by rubbing brush with detergent on laces. Or you can soak it in detergent solution for a while, and wash away.

How to clean athletic shoes

Cleaning insoles:

Remove the insoles from shoes, use a shoe brush or old toothbrush to brush the insole, and do not scrub hard. The insole should be rubbed with a soft cloth moistened with soap solution; the shoe sole can be cleaned easily. Use warm or cold water to wash away the soap solution from the insole. After washing the insole, allow it to air dry. Cleaning insoles can reduce the smell.

How to clean athletic shoes
How to clean athletic shoes

Cleaning times:

The number of cleanings varies depending on the season: For example, in a hot summer, an average of three games will require cleaning.

How to clean athletic shoes

Reduce shoe odor:

 You can reduce the shoe odor by cleaning insoles from time to time. Separate insole from shoes and clean it by the method above mentioned. Also, there are some other ways to reduce the smell. Use socks whenever you wear shoes because socks can penetrate the footwear moisture that can cause a bad odor. Sprinkling shoe powder before can reduce the smell.

How to clean athletic shoes
How to clean athletic shoes

Tips for Reduce shoe odor

  1. Before going to bed every night, use a cotton cloth dipped in a little alcohol, and evenly apply it to the sneakers you just took off. Wait until the next morning to dry before wearing. The shoes will not smell.
  2. Take an appropriate amount of dry lime powder, put it in a small cloth bag, and put it in the shoes every night before going to bed, and the wet and odor in the shoes can be eliminated the next day.
  3. Press a few sanitary balls into powder, sprinkle them in clean shoes, and then put a piece of the insole, so that it is not easy to smell feet when wearing.
  4. Newly bought sneakers, evenly sprinkle white liquor on the sponge bottom until the sponge bottom cannot be absorbed. After it is dried, there will be no odor after wearing it. 
  5. Travel shoes and leather shoes are prone to odor when worn for a while. The deodorization method is as follows: Sprinkle a small amount of fine table salt in travel shoes or leather shoes, so that the odor in the shoes can be eliminated.
  6. Occasionally in the shoes, a layer of soda powder can remove the shoe odor.
  7. Use a camphor ball to remove shoe odor. Take a thick paper, wrap the camphor ball, find a tool to crush it, evenly spray the camphor ball powder into the shoe, put the insole on it, and a pair of shoes only need about one camphor ball. In this way, the pump can be kept dry, and the shoe odor will disappear.
  8. Use white vinegar to remove socks and smelly socks. Put a little white vinegar in the water to wash the socks, soak it for a while, and wash it with clean water. This will not only remove the odor but also play a sterilizing role.
  9. Use soap to remove the odor in the shoe cupboard. Just put a piece of soap in the shoe cupboard, you can easily remove the scent in the shoe cupboard. When you open the shoe cabinet, there is a pleasant smell.
  10. Before wearing Sprinkle shoe powder, it can also reduce the smell.

How to maintain shoes: (How to clean athletic shoes)

Don’t wear a shoe in the end, no matter how good the shoe can’t bear to wear every day, change the sneaker to wear the next day, let the shoe have enough time to breathe, the leather rests. Do not put it in the shoe cabinet immediately after taking it off. Put it in the shade and let it ventilate. If it gets wet by rain, do not use a hairdryer to dry it or expose it to the sun to prevent the leather from being damaged.

How to clean athletic shoes
How to clean athletic shoes
  1. Put the shoes in a quite dry and ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight. The humid environment will damage the shoe body, and the sunlight will also cause some shoe materials to change color. But the place where the Shoes are put should not be too dry, because it causes the leather to crack.
  2. When you bought it back, you should stuff a soft paper ball inside the shoe when you store it. The purpose of this is that the paper ball can absorb the residual moisture inside the shoe and keep it dry, and it is beneficial to keep the shape of the shoe fixed so that it Doesn’t collapse after use. Some newspapers can also be stuffed under shoes.
  3. Third, for collection-type protection, it is best to buy some shrink film and completely wrap a pair of shoes like in a shoe store, to maximize the separation of the shoes from the air and prevent the air from enduring the boots for an extended period. The shrink wrap can Keep the shoes as they are.
  4. Shoe polish supplements used for the oil lost from the upper to reduce skin lines.
  5. For athletes who train every day, it is best to prepare more than two pairs of sports shoes to be replaced every day.

Shoeslog’s final verdict for “How to clean athletic shoes”

Here we are, we hope the following points mentioned above may be helpful to you. Cleaned and well-maintained shoes are essential for feet health, no matter if you wear ankle support shoes, sports shoes specially  basketball shoes. You must need to maintain and clean them after some period for better performance.

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