How to Stretch Shoes for Wide Feet

How to stretch shoes for wide feet

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We are in need of shoes for daily wear, such as formal events, rain/winter boots, and shoes for when we work out, the list continues. There are a few of those who have wide feet; doing shopping for shoes is much harder! So, when you visit the market, check these shoes, select an attractive one, and buy them with no time. But when you get back home, find them in fitting and biting your feet, this is the real problem.

Nowadays, following the digital market, here is a strong trend for online shopping. Here are some changes in the online field that you cannot receive the exact size you ordered. Sometimes, an online merchant sends you a small size, and unfortunately, you are unable to return at the same time, so you have to take it up with you. If you are suffering from the same condition or nearly it is going to happen with you, stay with us, and we will try to solve your problem in natural ways.

Coming to you, we are now going to solve the problem of how to stretch shoes for wide feet to make it much more relaxed and comfortable for wear if the shoes are too small or tight for you and even how to do it at home by some easy steps. 


How do you stretch your shoes if they’re a little too small?

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Using Water Bag.

  • Take a zip lock bag put some water in there, make sure it’s closed, tuck it inside the shoe and squeeze it as far as you need to inside the shoe.
  • Put it into the freezer and leave it overnight to let the water become ice, ice will expand naturally to stretch the material. Its best on synthetics and not on leather, if you don’t know either it’s a synthetic or leather, you can check the tag inside the shoe.
How to stretch shoes for wide feet
How to stretch shoes for wide feet

Using Dryer or blower:

  • If you have a synthetic shoe with a loose side upper, take the blow dryer, use a blow dryer or a heat gun but manage it quite carefully.
  • Lightly heat that plastic with a bit distance on there and then give it a little stretch. It doesn’t take very much. You can do this from home with your Dryer. You can even stretch these just by the heat of your body by rubbing the material with hands; it may work.
How to stretch shoes for wide feet
How to stretch shoes for wide feet

How to stretch leather boots:

 If you have leather boot, then put the blower inside the boot and slightly heat it, now remove the blower and put your feet inside by wearing thick socks and again heat it from outside, do the procedure again until you get the maximum stretch for your comfort level.

How to stretch shoes for wide feet

Shoe Stretcher: 

Here mostly people think do shoe stretcher work correctly; we will let you explain the professional method how to stretch wider your shoes by using a shoe stretcher.

  • First, you need to get yourself an excellent stretcher. If you click the link, it’ll get you there with a superb stretcher that runs about 22 dollars.
  • This stretcher happens to stretch wide as well as stretching lengthwise.
  • This affordable stretcher is about 22 dollars and is typically made with wood and metal material so you can handle it gently, and it lasts longer.
  • You can feel the tension on the upper of the shoe once you’re stretching, you can use rubbing alcohol spray (made at home by mixing alcohol and water about one part rubbing alcohol nine parts water) spritz the shoe, let it set come back the next day do it a little bit more. You want to be careful not to pull the shoe and break from the sole because I knew you have to get it repaired. 
How to stretch shoes for wide feet

Shoe Stretching Spray:

Shoe’s spray can be beneficial and correctly work on various types of shoe material like Canvas Nubuck, synthetics, linen, patent leather, and of course, leather material shoes. You can easily purchase nearby your store by demanding shoe stretching spray. Coming to its usage,

  • Spray generously on the area you want to expand both inside and outside.
  • Put on your thickest pair of socks.
  • Immediately wear your Boots or Shoes, go out and walk around in them till dry.
  • Repeat this procedure as needed.
  • One more thing for improvement is the usage of a wooden shoe stretcher overnight rather than wearing shoes after application spray. 

Note: It may be caused by stains, especially on suede material, so be a little careful while using.

How to stretch shoes for wide feet

Shoe Tree:

Shoe tree is look like a shoe stretcher, but it is not. It has no twisted handle, and this is strict about putting inside your shoe to hold the shape of the shoe as desired. I want to share a link with you, and a lot of gentlemen buy the regular shoe trees as here you go under $20.

How to stretch shoes for wide feet

Tight Sports Shoes:

A Lil crazy but effective tip to make your sports shoe comfortable when nothing works is usually taking the insoles out, this is really going to make them fit and so much better if they’re too small for you. It’s going to give more room between the bottom, and the top of the shoes or soles are usually pretty fit towards the bottom of the shoes and then fit about the foot. So when you have the insoles, it is pushing your foot towards the front of the shoe, which means if they are too small, it’s just going to crush your toes at the front of the shoes. However, if you take the insoles out, your feet are going to learn a lot flatter, and they’re not going to be pushed towards the front of the shoes, and it’s going to create more space for your foot to breathe between the bottom of the shoes.

How to stretch shoes for wide feet

Peeled Potato:

 Putting peeled potato inside the stuffed shoes overnight may also useful to widen shoes. 

How to stretch shoes for wide feet
How to stretch shoes for wide feet

Final Words:

So you have all steps, and you’re going to be so comfortable in your too-small shoes. You can increase about half an inch in length and about full size and width. Now either you use a hairdryer, utilize thick socks, or use alcohol spray, the solution will undoubtedly allow you to eliminate the issues of pressure and stress-free moment. For the final words, always remember that access in everything is terrible, so please do not try to apply more tricks or extra force on those kinds of shoes because stretching forcibly can be caused damage your shoes.

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